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Students entering the SZTE Institute of English and American Studies 
are able to decide whether they wish to obtain an arts degree only or if 
they wish to obtain, in addition, a qualification as an English teacher. 
Such a choice has been available in the past; what is new, however, is 
the parallel teaching track which is fully in line with the Ministry of 
Education and Culture's unified approach to teacher education.

Students will need to decide during their second year whether or not 
they wish to pursue the teaching track. If they do, these are the key 
elements to fulfilling the requirements:


Mandatory courses offered by the Institute of Pedagogy & Psychology

Introduction to Applied Linguistics
Basics of Teaching EFL
Research Methods in ELT
Methodology 1
Methodology 2
Option course in applied linguistics
Option course in applied linguistics

Supervised teaching practice (Tanítási gyakorlat)

Classroom research paper (Tantárgypedagógiai szakdolgozat)
Guidelines (2006) (in .doc format)
Sign-up sheets (in .doc format)

GRADUATION EXAM (Tanári képesítő vizsga - Záróvizsga)

2 parts:
ELT methodology
Classroom research paper


1. Methods and approaches 1: The Grammar-Translation Method, The 
Audio-Lingual Method, The Direct Method
2. Methods and approaches 2: Suggestopedia, The Total Physical 
Response Method, The Communicative Approach
3. Classroom Management 1: Teacher and learner roles, Teacher 
4. Classroom Management 2: Student groupings, seating 
arrangements, teaching aids
5. Teaching Vocabulary
6. Teaching Grammar
7. Teaching Listening
8. Teaching Writing
9. Teaching Reading
10. Teaching Speaking
11. Testing

Harmer, J.: The Practice of English Language Teaching
Hubbard et al.: A Course in TEFL
Larsen-Freeman: Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching

In the exam you will have to pick a topic and...
...give an account of what you read and studied in the seminars about 
the topic;
...Share with the examiner your reflections on your teaching practice 
from the perspective of the relevant topic.

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